Counting Down The Days...

We are leaving for Vegas in less than 48 hours.
I so need a vaca.

Cooper has been a perfect little angel. He went to the vet Friday and he was so good. He cuddled on my shoulder just like a baby.

He really has been great, and he is getting so good at the potty training to. Saturday night he reached his little paw out of his crate and tapped me on the hand until I woke up and had Matt take him outside. He made a bee- line for the grass, I guess he REALLY had to go! I also gave him a bath this weekend, at the time I don't think he liked it a ton, but he was very good, although he tried to drink a lot of water.

He even let me dry him off. The next night he ran into the bathroom and tried to jump into the tub-- so I guess he did like the bath.

Matt played poker this weekend and I played bunco for the first time. I didn't win or lose, so I guess I didn't do great but I had a good time. Matt didn't win either-- apparently we are saving our luck for Vegas-- 48 hours, I can't wait! :)


Cooper Comes Home

((Our Little Family))

On Friday our new puppy "Cooper" (we picked a name :) ) Came into our home and into our lives. He has been so fun! And really good, too good to be true at this point and I'm just waiting for a disaster. He's only had a handful of 'accidents' on the carpet and otherwise he goes outside or on the newspaper I put on the kitchen floor. He cries a little when he first gets into his crate for the night but if Matt or I stick our fingers in he seems to be okay, and as soon as we lay down and he sees that we are right there he is quiet and falls asleep. It's just so fun having a little puppy at home. Matt is in LOVE with the little guy and he is so good with him too. Cooper loves his Daddy!((Cooper & Matt))

Cooper also met Scooter this weekend. I was so nervous but I think they will be Best Buddies. Especially since Cooper will eventually be Scooter's size. It was funny to watch them run around the yard, and watch Cooper run into steps and the porch when he was trying to follow Scooter jumping up on things. He's got the hang of it now though- he's just got his uncoordinated little puppy paws.
((Uncle Scooter & Cooper))

The weekend was especially fun because Matt's parents were in town from Minnesota. We had a lot of fun with them. I hope they enjoyed their trip and the gorgeous weather we had. Matt and his Dad (and my Dad) got to do some golfing, unfortunately I couldn't take any days off of work so JoAnn was on her own on Friday and Monday, but she did some shopping and beading-- which resulted in some beautiful bracelets for me!!!! She is so talented with jewelry making and I am so lucky to be the recipient of so many of her creations. We talked a lot about Ava and Ella, and the upcoming arrival of the twins!!!! Now I can't wait to visit in September!! And of course I'm looking forward to Sarah & Jeremy's wedding too!!!

All in all it was a fun and exhausting weekend, I will be so happy to hit the sheets tonight.


Meet _____________.

We are officially getting a puppy!!!!!

(Now if we could just decide on your name little guy))

Our Puppy's Mom is a beagle terrier mix and he is one of a litter of ten. His Mom was found as a neighborhood stray and taken in by a good samaritan so that she would have a safe place to give birth.

It is believed that our Puppy's Dad was the neighborhood chihuahua mix. His eyes are getting darker and we think they'll eventually turn brown.

He is the smallest of a litter of ten. Yet, he does hold his own with his brothers. His best friend is his litter mate, Toley, (however, it is soon to be his Daddy, Matt) and we tend to see them not only play together, but do new things together.

We picked him out on Wednesday, and we will pick him up today at 5! His birthday is April 25, 2008. We bought him too many toys and treats already. And Matt picked out a "really comfy" bed-- he says it is "so comfy" that I half expect him to attempt sleeping in it. We are excited, and I love the puppy already...if we could just pick a name!!!!

Besides that Matt's parents came in late last night so we are looking forward to spending the weekend with them and the new puppy.


as previously stated...

I don't promise to write everyday, and since my initial post this has been the case. The last weeks or so has been rather uneventful. Matt+Golfing 24/7= Kaylea floating in the pool, shopping, or visiting with Mamaw Shirley & Papaw Darrell. I'm not complaining about how I have chosen to spend my free time, I love all of the above mentioned activities, I just wish spending time with me was more of a 'priority' to Matt...but anyways...

In regards to spending time with Mamaw & Papaw I have been mowing the grass at their house every week and a few weeks ago Papaw gave me a lottery ticket for doing so. It was a $2 scratch off and my winning numbers were 10 & 4, well I began to scratch and my first number was a 10 so I'm thinking "yes a winner!" I continue to scratch and realize that every number on the card is a 4 or a 10, by this time Mamaw Shirley is by my side and we are out of control with excitement, thinking we must have gotten the jackpot ($10,000) I'm thinking "goodbye college loan, goodbye credit card debt (stupid sophomore year of college), and hello Vegas $$$" So I start to scratch off the prize amounts under each number and wouldn't you know each one was $2.00, I won $20.00! I am not ungrateful by any means, it was more than enough payment for mowing the grass which I insist on doing for free. But I know that someone over at the Ohio Lottery Commission was just smitten when they made that ticket, thinking "haha suckers!" I carried the ticket around for a few weeks showing everyone I know and having a good laugh right.. well a few mornings ago I gave Matt my ticket because the ATM wasn't open and he needed cash for golf- go figure. Well then...

Last night we did the usual Sunday night ritual (that was put on hold due to Father Day activities) and went to Giant Eagle, Matt bought his scratch off lottery tickets on the way out as usual and low and behold won $500. He was really excited, I was in disbelief (did I mention he ALWAYS wins, like he has unbelievable luck) Then to make matters even MORE unbelievable he didn't realize that if you had a winning ticket there is a "bonus multiplier" box that you scratch off, he did...turns out he was to multiply his winnings by 3, for a totally win of $1500.00!!! UNBELIEVABLE! This is the second time he has won over a grand just this year! (He won $1200.00 on a 'bad beat' poker hand at the casino in Minnesoh-ta) Lucky boy! I'm thinking maybe my good luck with all my 4's and 10's rubbed off on him... or maybe he just has really good luck. I don't know but it's a pleasant surprise. Now he can pay off his golf credit card, take his dad out for a few rounds this week when they visit, and have some extra cash for our Vegas trip in a few weeks. I just hope his streak of luck continues, or rubs off on someone we know (preferably me-- j/k) while we are in Las Vegas, how fun would that be!!

So that was last night. Good times.

On a 'deeper' note I stumbled upon a blog at work a few weeks ago and it has stuck with me since... if you haven't heard of Matt Logelin already, something makes me think eventually you will (as I feel like his blog is really popular.) His/their story really touching and thought provoking... long story short and in his words I read back through the archives once, and now that I know the background story I check it every few days and sometimes I cry a little (I bet I'm not the only one.) It is really terribly sad, but what I notice the most besides the amazing photography (I SO wish I had that talent) and the quirky, yet thoughtful, and at times humorous posts/words is how much Matt loved and still loves Liz. I know it is selfish and knowing what I already went through and what friends and families that I know went through in regards to loss; I would never want to be in his situation or wish that situation on anyone...but I can't help but think that I want to be loved like that someday. To have someone love me and miss me THAT much - how amazing would that be. I'm selfish, I know. Yuck, I hate that I feel like that.


I figure I have nothing to lose so here goes nothing.

Well hello there!

While I have always loved to write (letters,cards,notes,etc.) I haven't in many years been a journal-er, probably since the 'diary' days. This is my attempt to track my journey.

So why now?
Part of my job is reaching out to the media; tv stations, radio stations, magazine, newspapers, bloggers, etc and telling them about the wonderful things some of our clients are up to, things that they may be interested in. Because of this I have seen some truly phenomenal blogs. I mean IMPRESSIVE! And I wanted to start one of my own. (I will probably even add some of our clients stuff here too--because a lot of it really is that interesting)

It's not because I think I live a wildly exciting or intriguing life- because I do not. But through my work, family, and friends, I have gotten to do and experience some really amazing things and I feel this is the perfect place to record some of these events and to share them with the many people in my life whom I love and adore and cannot see or speak with everyday.

I'm not making any promises or setting any expectations... the "daily" may even be not so daily and more weekly.. we'll just have to wait and see.