It's been a really long time...

& we've been really busy. I guess I didn't really want to post about what we've been busy with until it was official-- & it is now so....

Matt & I bought our first home!

The entry way/kitchen/downstairs half bathroom

the kitchen

living room/dining area

upstairs bathroom

upstairs spare bedroom/office
These are pictures of the model, ours will look a lot different decor/color wise but it is the same setup for the most part. The condo is in Grandview & we are really excited. We close on October 3rd, and looking at the calendar today I realized how crazy October is going to be!! We have the closing, and all the moving etc. that comes with that, Brittannie & Stevie's Wedding, Megan & Steven's visit from Seattle, Cooper's Puppy Class Graduation, The Columbus 1/2 Marathon, (the last 3 are all in the same weekend!) the pumpkin show, hopefully a visit from John & JoAnn, and Madison's 5th Birthday!!! It will be insane!

I mentioned Cooper's puppy graduation :) He is starting classes this Saturday in hopes of getting him fully potty trained and ready for the move to the new place. He takes one class a week for eight weeks, on the eighth week he has a graduation, complete with a hat and all. I am so excited that it is embarrassing! I just really hope that we are able to learn how to better train him and that we get something from the classes. He has been doing VERY good lately, he is totally paper trained at this point, and holds his #2 all day until we get home to let him out. (His bladder is still too small for him to hold #1 all day-- but he does do it on the newspaper.) If he is out of the crate he will go down stairs to the door when he has to potty-- like I said he is doing VERY good. He also knows the "sit" command, and sometimes he will even respond to "shake." He went to Cincinnati with us yesterday, and to the outlet malls (it is so cool that the stores are all pet friendly!!) he is such a "chick/kid magnet" it made the trip so much longer because at least 90% of people we passed had to stop and pet him and ask his breed and name, etc. WE are almost 99% sure he is more beagle-lab, than beagle-terrier, our soon to be new neighbor, and good friend Lauren has a beagle lab, Riglee and she looks a lot like Cooper, you be the judge...
This is Miss. Riglee, Cooper's soon to be girlfriend
& finally the handsome Mr. Cooper

Do you think they look alike?