25 Things...

This thing has been going around on facebook and I'd been tagged like 10 times ... so I decided I'd give it a try. I am VERY uninterestingso to think of 25 things was a challenge!

The rules are that once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.

About Kaylea... ((in no particular order))
1.i truly feel that the biggest blessing in my life is my family and of all the things ive experienced and accomplished i'm most proud of the fact that i have a close relationship with my entire family and they know that they can count on me.

2. that being said i am extremely thankful for not only a family but also a boyfriend and friends who "get me" and whom i can be my total self ..down to the core and who love me as i love them.. unconditionally.

3. i never ever in a million year thought that i could be so obsessed and just totally in love with a dog. but cooper and his tail chasing, scared of his own reflection, total snuggle bug self has completely captured my entire heart- i swear that sometimes he really comprehends what i'm saying and his little head tilt makes me melt.

4. i meet the total definition of a gen y'er/millennial

5. my bf played ncaa basketball and i was/still am his biggest fan. through snow storms and long long drives betsy and i made it to every game to support our boys-- some of the best memories of my college career.

6. i love cupcakes- making them, displaying them, googling pictures of them, gadgets for them, spending way to much time decorating them, it's sick really.

7. i'm much more productive at home on my couch or in our home office with my laptop and iphone than i ever am in an office, i'm more comfortable and much less distracted

8. some days i would give anything to go back to my crappy apt on court street, no friday classes, and bartending job, but if you'd told me that then i would have laughed in your face. yet, theres somedays that you couldn't pay me to walk to class in the snow, live i that tiny apartment, or go back to athens ever again. it's a love hate and i totally took it for granted.

9. i regret far more than i care to admit. i've passed up opportunities that i can't believe i missed. i've made some really stupid decisions-- but i've learned from it all.

10.my senior year of high school i never would have thought that 5 years later i would have NOTHING in common with 90% of those i considered my best friends.

11. i absolutely adore matt's mom and dad, his sister and sister in law, brother and brother in law, nieces and nephew. i would feel so lucky to be a part of their family. they are amazing.

12. christmas 2004 was the biggest tragedy and loss i've ever experienced in my life. there were times that i thought i'd never enjoy life, let alone christmas again. yet in the last 4 years i've been surrounded by not only my family but matt's family and have had some great holidays. i still think about that day everyday of my life but i know now that you get up, you get help, and you go on. you still miss them, and you wonder why but life goes on. it just has too.

13. i really really wish i was good at photography. i love photos, but i am horrible at it. i guess it doesn't help that ive never taken a class and don't really have equipment, but i would love to learn!

14. the only other country i've been to is Canada-- and Windsor at that. i really want to go to Europe one day, i'll start by getting a passport sometime soon.

15. my entire life i always dreamt i'd meet my future husband in college. i really really hope that dream comes true ;) (i think it will)

16. i always say that i could never ever move to minnesota, and while it is extremely cold there and they have way more snow and mosquitoes that i care to discuss, i really love and enjoy everyone that we spend time with when we are there, matts family and friends are awesome and if i could move my entire family (including grandparents, aunts, uncles, godparents, goddaughter, and cousins) to minnesota i would be happier than i could even imagine, in a million years this would never happen but a girl can dream! i would be equally happy if the reverse all moved to ohio :)

17. i love to travel and would do it more if $$$ and vacation days permitted. one of my favorites is vegas and while i enjoy the casinos and nightlife what i really love is matt's "kid in a candy store" persona. i wish i could take him there more often!

18. i've always looked up to my cousin rhiannon. i dont' have a sister but she came to live in ohio when i was in high school and i was always in awe of her. luckily now she is one of my closest friends.

19. i blame my love for tequila on betsy. and i think of her everytime i do that shot (a lot!) i also blame my 21st birthday on betsy, and the fact that i frequently speak in abbrevs.. STILL! and pretty much i miss her a lot!

20. no questions asked my mom is my very best friend in the entire world and my dad is the most amazing man i have ever met. i appreciate them more that i think they know .

21. i really really love my little brother, i just don't understand him and wish he would open up to me

22. i asked matt for a random fact about me and he said "you have a hole in your head." so #22 is just that, and yes, it's true theres a hole in the back of my noggin.

23. i have to have a plan. i am lost without my planner, my ical, or a list. i have to have a plan. preferably written in brightly colored glittery ink. i'm like a 13 years old and i don't care.

24. i'm a sucker for 7 for all mankind jeans, they just fit. and they last.

25. my ancestors invented the tomato seed and i don't care if you don't believe me (matt) it's true, hello Livingston Avenue, Livingston Seed Company...

done and done.


Snowed In!

Columbus got so much snow and ice today that my company was nice enough to put our safety first and allow us to work from home (not only am I feeling blessed to just have a job, but to have one that is so concsious of employee safety, two thumbs up!) So today has been spend typing web scripts, working on some lists, cleaning my inbox, and taking part in a webinar on facebook for business- all good stuff. What today has also allowed me to do is watch Cooper and observe how he spend his day when Matt and I are at work. And boy am I glad we work so hard to put a roof over Cooper's head, obviously over our heads too-- but Coops the one who is ACTUALLY here to enjoy our home, anyways all he does is SLEEP! Seriously, at first he was really into the whole "Mommy's home today" thing and wanted to be posted up on my lap all morning while I tried to type over/under him. After that got old he was very adament about snuggling up with his blanket on the couch, and he snores!!! Seriously all he has done all day is SLEEP! I go upstairs to switch the laundry he follows behind and jumps into bed. He crack me up!

Anyways-- not much new with us, hosting a Super Bowl party on Sunday with lots of yummy food and lots of friends. Should be a good time.

Stay warm everyone! :)