Snowed In!

Columbus got so much snow and ice today that my company was nice enough to put our safety first and allow us to work from home (not only am I feeling blessed to just have a job, but to have one that is so concsious of employee safety, two thumbs up!) So today has been spend typing web scripts, working on some lists, cleaning my inbox, and taking part in a webinar on facebook for business- all good stuff. What today has also allowed me to do is watch Cooper and observe how he spend his day when Matt and I are at work. And boy am I glad we work so hard to put a roof over Cooper's head, obviously over our heads too-- but Coops the one who is ACTUALLY here to enjoy our home, anyways all he does is SLEEP! Seriously, at first he was really into the whole "Mommy's home today" thing and wanted to be posted up on my lap all morning while I tried to type over/under him. After that got old he was very adament about snuggling up with his blanket on the couch, and he snores!!! Seriously all he has done all day is SLEEP! I go upstairs to switch the laundry he follows behind and jumps into bed. He crack me up!

Anyways-- not much new with us, hosting a Super Bowl party on Sunday with lots of yummy food and lots of friends. Should be a good time.

Stay warm everyone! :)

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