California here we come?!

Yes. We waited in line for the iPhone on Friday. Call us crazy, we got there at 4:45 and we were out of the store and activated by 8:15. We got there before they ran out and before the computers crashed, so I think we were pretty smart. Plus I love my new phone! I missed my first iPhone so much after we sold them so I was so happy to get the new one!

Also on Friday Mike Jackson from NBC4 interviewed me at my office. We use Twitter a lot to see what everyone is up to, and what the local stations are going to be airing and on Friday I saw a tweet that was asking about an email sent out from airline companies, well, since Matt and I had just flown to Vegas I got the email and I let the reporter know I'd send it to him-- turns out he wanted an interview and came right over to my office. While he was here he spotted my iPhone and interviewed my co-worker Kristyn for her iPhone story-- unfortunately she waited in line and didn't get a phone, you can read about her iPhone journey on the link above.

Matt got some interesting news today-- his company informed him that he may be sent to California for 3 months. We will know for sure tomorrow but there are lots of Cons, but also some Pros. For example, we would get rid of our apartment, saving money and letting us start looking for a bigger apartment (Matt's choice) or a house (My choice.) We would also get to do some fun traveling for free-- Matt's company would pay for me to go visit and also for us to go to Maui, HI, and Vegas, and other cities on the West Coast. Of course the con is him having to be so far away, and work really long hours, and being away from Cooper (and me.) I really hope it doesn't happen but it is out of our control. We will see tomorrow.

In good news, my Papaw had surgery today and it went well. I am going to visit him as soon as I get off work!!! I can't wait to see him. :)

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