Back from Vegas! Horrible luck while we were there. Didn't win at all- and lost plenty as well. First time we ever went to Vegas and were happy to come home. It was good to see all the MN friends though, heres a few pictures.

We didn't get to do all the things I would have liked, but we go to Vegas pretty frequently so...next time I suppose.

In good news-- Cooper was a very good little puppy while we were away. He stayed with my Mamaw & Papaw and they gave us a very good report. He really bonded with them too. He looked bigger when we got home, and he is definitely faster-- he's almost keeping up with Scooter!  

He really struggles when we leave for work in the morning- crying and getting so upset he is making himself sick. He goes to the vet again tonight so I'm going to ask some questions.

Came back to work yesterday. Were doing some really neat things. I've been doing my homework too- really brainstorming different ways we can use new media and social media to promote our clients and get our stories out there. I'm not a genius by any means...but technology is so intriguing to me, and there are so many ways to reach people and get your name out there. I'm excited to keep doing research and playing with some applications and programs to really see what's out there. 

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